Thursday, November 29, 2012

From Norway to Ohio:

This past spring I found myself in Scandinavia, and more specifically Bergen, Norway. At that time I thought that my life really couldn't have been more perfect. Norway was really stunning, and if you are ever planning a trip to Scandinavia, first go to Copenhagen, then Stockholm, and then head up to Oslo–located in Norway. It really is mystical up there, too. Eaves of tiny houses, tucked away in the woods, come to a point in the form of dragon-headed silhouettes, while wooden churches from almost a millennia past weave mystery within this nautical yet mountainous country. Many buildings in Norway boast foundations made of stone; as such the cityscapes feel 'heavy'. When strolling through the streets of the few true urban environments the country has on offer, one has the feeling that the residents of these spaces (which dot the edge of continental Europe) are wrapped within so many layers of cultural significance, they have no need to emigrate, at all. There's no need to ever leave Norway.

The cityscapes and urban places in Ohio couldn't be any more different than those situated in Norway. There are fountains and tree lined boulevards, skyscrapers, and Art Deco relics abound; for what the USA lacks in length of existence, it regains though its immense rapid expansion, cultural history, social progress–and its version of democracy which is still quite unique in this world. Ohio, here I come.