Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Glamour at 27:

The above chandelier currently hangs in Huis Doorn. A glamourous relic of an era since past, it stands as a friendly reminder of ideas of those before us, having since its inception being converted into a fully functioning electrical device for the 'modern' age. Like the chandelier before me, I'm building on my past, gaining in my present, realizing that where I come from in the world–and the conscious and subconsciously-created memories from my childhood that keep resurfacing–are more precious to me than most anything else. Like Mark Twain, I'm an American who grew up on the frontier of a new country previously unseen by Europeans for centuries, at a time when the country was less than 200 years old; floating down river streams within the Appalachain-Blue Ridge Forests. That was my youth; today I'm 27.