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Amsterdam in December:

The city's trees are bare, winter's rains have begun, and seagulls continue their flight.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

My Computer was Stolen in Berlin:

My computer was stolen in Berlin, from my hotel room, and it was really truly awful. I re-entered my room Thursday evening, after returning from the office; a fourth day of intensive editing work past me after flying back to Amsterdam from the Midwest just six nights before. I was tired and hungry and my computer was not where I left it, it was gone. It turns out that the hotel's cleaner didn't lock my room and thus it was stolen after that fact. Charger, case, and computer–all gone. Yesterday I went to the Apple store here in Amsterdam, so shiny and new as it is, and decided upon which new specimen I will purchase to replace the missing one–the hotel is paying for it. They're being quite nice about it really, and they should be–they cost me three sleepness nights and a computer and a half hour of verging on a nervous breakdown. It was a hotel that one could describe as 'hip'; maybe that is also the problem. To make it all more enjoyable, I had to stay at the hotel for two more nights after the incident happened because I left on Saturday! Though I was thinking it was nearing time for a new computer, this isn't really the way I wanted to replace it. I'll be purchasing a Macbook Pro 13" Retina, and I'm excited. It's on the hotel.

It seems that the other and I generally go somewhere for Christmas every year and this year we are going to Paris on Wednesday and I couldn't be more excited, because this is precisely the first time I will have ever been to Paris, with someone I love. So that's a first, and a good first at that. I've been to Paris many times, and every time I visit, I always discover something new–a great boutique, a small sweets bakery, a tiny park... It's a bit like Amsterdam in that sense; a layered red-onion, the center its core. And, in absence of my computer, I've been reading more paper and watching more of the International Herald Tribune videos on my phone: hello Louise Story and David Gillen!

Christmas has happened upon Amsterdam; the decorations have been pumped up this year, especially around Spui. Has the city been reading my critiques of their holiday decor over the years? Could be, could be... Other than just finishing up 2012 tasks, of which there are few to begin with, I'm ready for 2013.

And Paris.
On Wednesday.

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Back to Europe:

I am back in Europe, where I have currently taken up residence in Berlin, Germany for the week. Berlin is a city that was 'cool' about eight years ago. Now people just come here for the generic 'Berlin' experience, as most people tend to do when they come to any large city. I'm seeing the true Berlin though, through the eyes of locals and others who can show me many places and spaces I would otherwise overlook. After being in the USA for a week, it feels slightly strange, yet also very comforting, to be back in Europe. I felt very out of my element in Ohio and for the most part felt as if I were an observer; yet an observer who strangely knew all local customs and clichés. I feel at home on the Continent, as well as in the USA; my life resides in Europe, and at the moment, that is where my home is. It is currently a winter wonderland here in Berlin, and everything is covered in snow. It's both comforting and cold.

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