Monday, February 25, 2013

One of Those Weeks:

Last week was just one of those weeks; nothing seemed to align for me in certain aspects of my life, but, as always, many other hours of my days proved just fine. I can really nose dive sometimes. Alongside my passion comes enormous amounts of energy, channeling through many outlets, all which fuel my desires. I must remind myself to keep those desires in focus, and not stray from the path before me; the path I made through the woods just over one year ago. I must stay true to myself, while learning and expressing my limits. Good thing I'm already quite good at that. (Update, August 2015: If I remain true to myself, I will not falter; my core is steady, and strong, and I when I respect that about myself, weeks such as these–caused by external factors which I cannot control, but can control my reactions to–I will not allow to cause me to falter).