Monday, March 18, 2013

Last Week, I Visited Chicago:

It was my first time visiting the USA for business rather than pleasure. My time in the city was spent at the ever so chic Public Hotel in the Gold Coast neighborhood, just North of Millenium Park. As the Midwest is my former home, I'm no stranger to all things Chicago–funnily enough, I had, at one time in my life, thought that it was the city I would spend my life in. I would dream about and pine for Chicago; yet if I only knew then what I knew now. While a wonderful place to visit and certainly a comfortable place to live, Chicago is no longer the ideal city in eyes. Everyone is friendly enough, the streets and public transportation are all quite clean, and the parks nestled within its grid are certainly charming–like much of the Midwest. Yet these days one half of me is Dutch, and the other American.