Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Slowing Down:

Slowing down and taking the time to enjoy each day's beautiful moments, which I would normally overlook, has become a prevailing theme of my life over the past few months. Since finishing Dominique Browning's lyrical memoir Slow Love last summer, and reading it again this spring, I too have been stopping to enjoy the often subtle and discreet magical moments the world constantly creates around me.

This morning, while washing a slightly soiled drinking cup in a slightly soiled kitchen sink, the bubbles that the stream of water flowing into the cup created–the soap suds–continuously overflowed the tall and transparently faceted drinking cup. As the bubbles piled over the rim, gathering below to form a cloud of white, those bubbles took my breath away… I paused, watched them slip over into the sink, and allowed the beauty to sweep me off my feet, if only for five seconds. Nurturing was that short-lived moment.