Monday, July 22, 2013

A Full Moon, Above Amsterdam:

The moon is full and the sun is still high. I've just come home from the beach, and as always, it was really very special. Something about the combination of our minds, thoughts, hearts and bodies combine when we're together. It's the closest I've ever felt with anyone, and I hope the feeling stays forever. There's no reason for it not to. Our life together is this beautiful adventure of gardens, cities, our house, our city, more gardens, bike rides, parties, events, family and friends, and the everyday and the extraordinary–and all are possible within the course of one week. We are part of the pack, yet we follow our own. We're clever, and we're cute. We are going to Asia in two months, and to England in five; how exciting to be able to be in London. I'm sure somewhere out there another person is writing the same poignant pining for New York City, just as I did when I was young. But am I young? In many ways I think yes, and in other ways I think no. I am wise in the mind, old in spirit, and young in body. If this is a good combination I do not know; but I do believe it is me. And that's the thing with belief: you can change it all the time, yet consciously one can also carry within them, streams of underlying thoughts, feelings, spiritual desires, as well as repel-ations, toward others and other objects. What is it that pulls one in this direction, rather than that direction? The direction of my bamboo is straight for the sky. They have become tall, those bamboos. The other plants haven't been watered in 24 hours, and they seem to be doing just fine. After their–as in the lavender plants'–stroke, and mother nature and owner double-team induced drought, whilst I was away in Italy, the plants were nursed back to lusciousness after six days of no rain and hot hot heat. Of course Amsterdam's rain clouds stopped raining, the whole time I was away. And in that way, this city has stayed: no rain for days. We are hot here in this city. And most do not have or would ever want, air-conditioning, except perhaps on days like today. Today my plants stand proud and tall in this Italian-esque late-mid-summer sun. I too stand tall and proud as my life continues forward, and the full moon begins to, for the evening, say hello.