Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Rijksmuseum's Courtyard & FOAM's Garden:

On certain days, like today, I set aside time to escape from the swirl of events, people, emotions, and commotions of the hours, and reconnect with the natural world outside that's always around me. Similar to the physical dichotomy contained within public institutions, whose spaces in this city straddle interior and exterior–covered courtyard and formal gardens, in this instance–I too am an odd duel-pronged entity; reveling in my independence, yet constantly connected to the unseen that lies just outside my front door. And so connect with natural order I did today, while lunching alongside a canal, observing every passer and passing by, as the world waltz passed, and the energies surrounding me calmed. I leave for Hong Kong in 48 hours, and am looking forward to frolicking alongside the city's beaches, which lie at the edge of its sub-tropic jungles. Though, Hong Kong clearly has nothing on the garden of the FOAM, luscious and formal as they are.