Monday, October 7, 2013

Astounding Autumn:

On days like today in Amsterdam, everywhere one looks, no matter which direction, moments of autumnal beauty and bliss are to be found; the play of shadows on the sidewalks; the morning mist hovering above the city's canals; and the clear blue skies of a city waking-up to say hello. The city is in the midst of transformation. After about 18 hours spent flying, and 24 hours in total spent traveling, I'm back in Amsterdam after visiting Hong Kong and Singapore. Though Amsterdam is far-far removed from the tropics, I'm happy to be back and out of the humidity and 32C weather that permeates that Asian region... as someone noted of Amsterdam's rather cold and autumn infused weather, as we disembarked the airplane and walked down the gangway into Schipol, this city's airport: 'Hey! It's like free air-conditioning.' It's nice to be home.