Thursday, November 21, 2013

Glamour and Asia:

For the past year many interests have consumed me; my thoughts have tentacled in multitudinous directions–further inspired by travel. Yet one thought has consumed my every thought–leading me to, somehow, be able to connect all of my thoughts back to this one thought, without much conscious effort. The ideal that's consumed me? Glamour. Better yet; transcending the everyday while trying to get to a more idealized, perfect place.

Glamour is the reason that shoes are so transcending; they elevate you (especially when they are: new and never worn, and of a standard of quality that rightfully commands a high price) above 'the now'; shoes make you levitate when strutting down sidewalks–they make you feel just a bit lighter with each step along the way of your day. Shoes are glamorous; so are sunglasses–they both conceal while they reveal.

Thus these thoughts of mine, which entail leaving the here and now to instead inhabit a world of illusive construct; they are transcending in themselves. Yet a frequent reminder comes to mind often, in which I remember to expel these thoughts–write them on paper, capture them with images, transcribe them, and give them physical form in some way–so that they manifest in reality, readily available for viewing. Should these thoughts remain as only thoughts within my mind, only I will familiarize with their beauty; their seemingly disparate links between subjects compose the unique narrative of my experiences.

Thus I now type them on the screen–reminding myself to express that self with words, the stepping stone footpaths that I lay for myself throughout life; connecting one subject to yet another, and in doing so, opening up doors that I once never knew existed. How one door leads to yet another; how many different performances of life does one encounter? How will I ever know? I won't. So I'll just have to keep on getting up each day, and keep weaving through Amsterdam's city streets–confident in stride when walking; confident in pedal when cycling.

Since returning from Hong Kong and Singapore, I also visited the United States–which is always an adventure; how many bucket sized Coke-Light's can only person really have in one weekend? America was wonderful–it is at once both eerily familiar and strangely foreign. Most items of human interaction in the country, from the media to the customer service, is very… happiness oriented, which is really wonderful for the efficiency and expeditement of that service. But Asia… Asia was very different. There were no super-jumbo sized everything, and the people are more consciously aware of others in public, as opposed to say, Manhattan–where street-crossings can turn into stampedes; it's every man or woman for themselves on that island.

Yet in Asia this is not so–at least not in Hong Kong and certainly not in Singapore. In Hong Kong a layer of accessibility is presented to the foreigner who speaks English; they formerly ruled the island, transferring it to Beijing in 1997. The buildings are packed on Hong Kong Island in a very dense positioning, and they all face the water in front of them, on the north shore; thus south facing sunlight is an interesting point to take note of when visiting. Otherwise, the city was fabulous–wonderfully friendly people; interesting New Territories; and public transportation options that include boats and trolleys remnant of those in San Francisco.

Singapore felt like a controlled state at its finest; it shined and its people knew, I deduced, that they were living within a slight state of exception within their tropical surroundings. Yet nothing ever is what it seems; Singapore is no exception. It surprised, delighted, and induced awe through its sheer diversity of languages, people, subcultures, and exceptionally superb-and-clean public transportation, which trumps that of Manhattan any day. The open people, easy of movement, and diversity of cultures proved for the country to be a highlight of that travel-trip; everywhere was texture just waiting to be devoured with sight, and moments were abound that included explosions of tropical hued color.

It is odd… I have so much to say yet cannot. I am undergoing a period of deeply rooted transformation. I know it; I can feel it.