Sunday, January 26, 2014

Undiscovered Amsterdam Oost:

Today–amidst gray skies, endless blankets of clouds, and low and stifled mid-winter sun–I cycled throughout Amsterdam Oost, which is the eastern side of this city. I meandered down streets and along bodies of water that I had previously only seen, yet had never before visited, on foot. I am astonished that I had previously never cycled down these streets–defined as those that compose Windrooskade–even though they are so near. They are tucked away off Amsterdam’s main paths of human circulation–train, bike, foot, and car–throughout this portion of the city. Industrial areas sprinkled with graffiti meet buildings designed and constructed in the 1980s; bright-and-bold dashes of color abut century old brick; waterside buildings have been retrofitted to house chic meeting-place cafés; gentrified streets connect it all.