Sunday, February 23, 2014

Saturday's Spring-like Sunlight:

This past Saturday, all day, I shadowed Amanda and be shadowed me; inseparable we were as we meandered around and throughout Vondepark; enjoying the rays of sunlight that glittered on the lakes' surfaces and tree trunks alike; stopped for espresso double shots; alongside chewy and perfect chocolate chip cookies (which somehow always taste more special when purchasing just one, as opposed to making some at home one's self); explored an Asian food market off the Kinkerstreet (must return soon to buy so many fun things; those noodles and spices–oh my!); waltzed over bridges, past antique gas lamps, and countless bikes; paraded into a gallery opening in the Jordaan (at Hazenstraat, to be exact); wined and dined away the evening, alongside the company of my other; pumpkin quiche and copious white wine were combined to give way to fluid conversations, which lasted far into the night.