Thursday, March 27, 2014

Gorgeous Spring-like Amsterdam:

These days I notice that my mind is, quite often, quite busy; not nervous; not restless; and not anxious. It is instead curious; forever searching; in constant need of stimulation–and not in the way in which I am most often used to: visually. My mind is instead searching for words, words that will help me express myself more deeply, more passionately, and more poignantly. I'm purposely training my vocabulary, so that it expands. Words are so wonderful; they allow one to say, so many things. I've been fruitfully reading about Dutch art since this past weekend (from the pages of a book I had purchased earlier, and have only now opened). And seeing as how I'll, this year, become Dutch, I've convinced myself that my knowledge of this country's history should, also, (continue to) expand. And so, as March moves forward into April, I'm at ease; relaxed within a world of my own making as the world turns toward a new season, in gorgeous springlike Amsterdam.