Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Alexander the Great:

Lately I have been absorbing as much art history and theory as I can through various new volumes that were recently added to my bookshelves. While in Istanbul I stopped by the Istanbul Archaeology Museums–a cluster of three museums whose collections are mainly comprised of artifacts from antiquity, and beyond. To my delight I happened to walk past, and stop in front of, a series from the many brick panels that flanked the avenue leading to the Ishtar Gate, from Babylon. A large bulk of the items composing the collection of the archaeology museum were not on display due to renovations. Yet countless other items were available for viewing, and just stunning were the artifacts from ancient Egypt. They even had the full front façade of an ancient Greek temple. Yet the most emotion stirring piece that I saw, a fragment of a sculpture of Alexander the Great, made my knees weak. Here, before me, was a piece of stone that had been lovingly carved, chiseled, and sculpted nearly 2,000 years ago, which I had only seen from images reproduced in books and on the internet. This only mades me think that experience is so important; the senses are then stirred.