Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Façades are such an interesting notion to explore: they offer up so much splendor–especially here in Amsterdam–that it's often all too easy to forget, or ignore, that these thin layers stealthily separate a city's streets from its interiors. My own façade is is being observed, by myself–this will continue. I like knowing what my façade looks like; it helps me to better understand the ways in which it can be perceived. Which only helps me to understand the ways in which I would like it to be perceived. Yet more importantly, as I age, I'm learning that it's what's underneath this façade, the one that I show to others, that matters most. How to convey that, externally? My style sense–and my feeling for fashion–was certainly elevated over the past few years. An act I consciously set into motion, and one that I enjoy having enacted. And so, my façade now has the ability to sparkle, when I'd like it to. More often than not, it merely shines. The degree of my façade's shimmer varies. And not because of my clothes–a superficial signifier only–and instead, because of my smile. I'm wearing my smile quite often these days, as I flit about the city and bask in its slow yet deeply satisfying march toward spring. Fashion really is about feeling, which circles back around to transform into attitude. My attitude, both in chic clothes and out, is changing. It has been for some time. What attitude?: the one the I posses toward myself, toward others, and toward my relationship with the universe and its infinite opportunities to connect. I'm listening to my heart and my head–aware of when one overshadows the other. What I'm learning is that I don't need to define an identity, in any way; everything is in a constant state of flux and flow, myself included–so should I crystalize? Similar to an elaborately ornate façade, whose appearance subtly changes over time–in accordance with age and the wear and tear of the weather, due to the budget and desires of its owners, and because of the changing aesthetic ideals of any given epoch–I'm reassessing and rebuilding my own façade, those of ex- and interior, through modes that leave the outcome impossible to now be seen.