Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Spring in Amsterdam:

Spring has officially arrived in Amsterdam, and what a welcome sight. The time change occurred this past weekend, and because of that, suddenly, when I wake up, there is light. And when I'm ready for bed, there is still light. Daylight really does have an impact on health and wellness; I can attest because I'm happier once the sun makes its annual return to Northern Europe–the city is always much cuter for it. Running through the city in the mornings, every other day, around 7:30 or so, has really brought some spectacular sunrises into my frame of sight. The ways in which the sun–that fierce and fiery orange-red ball–streaks the sky as it climbs toward its peak, is stunning; compounded by the soft sunlight of spring. As Amsterdam is quite far north on the globe, the angle from which I see the sun, is delicious. It makes the light that spills over the city each morning innocuously soft, yet also very direct. Spectacular are these sunrises. And because I'm streaking through the city–running–when they occur, they're even more enchanting because I'm moving as the sun moves too; we're in tandem. Spring has a way of invoking an almost magical transformation of character within this city's citizens; its arrival makes everyone happier. Scarves are now unraveled, winter-jackets are giving way to those of a lighter tone, and, this past weekend, I saw countless others in shorts and flip-flops: myself included. Now that the sun has returned I've made it a point to come out of my self-induced hibernation. I've been reading often lately, devouring essays and articles, books and digital publications. This is an ongoing process that will not quickly unfurl, hibernation that is; I've been nesting and cocooning since January; accumulating books and clothes, yet also knowledge that will be useful for my year ahead–which in my mind, hasn't even started. This year ahead will be about expansion for me, and I know this because I've set that action, into action; I'm excited. Yet until my expanse-enhancing journey fully takes flight, there is still much to experience, much to complete, and much to decide upon before going further. Amsterdam is my home, and I know that now. It feels like home; and feeling is oh so important. As the sun returns it would seem as if my thoughts are clarifying and my heart is once again communicating with my head. These two entities of mine seem to have at times been disconnected for much of this year. Floating forward with freedom of thought, simplification of my desires and needs, and ample amounts of sun, I welcome spring.