Thursday, May 15, 2014

Amsterdam in Motion:

This year's April-May transition was spectacular throughout its entire interlude. There was no surprise snow, and the sun was most always near. The weeks in which the city's trees began to dress themselves struck a connection with my soul; each day the trees increased their density of green, by slowly ascending the speed at which their leaves unfurled. Opposite of this time of year is my favorite time of year: the November-December cusp–which means that the world is about halfway through its swirl. Amsterdam's vegetation is in motion, as it grows toward the strengthening sun. Its citizens are flocking to terraces submerged amid a luscious landscape composed of trees, parks, and never-ending gardens. Being a city situated on and within water, Amsterdam is aqueous–rarely is it anything but sumptuous in its offering of this copious water supply to its flowers, shrubs, and trees. As the pace of the city's race crescendos toward its annual sunlight-induced rebirth, its contents are moving with an energy that's quick yet casual, gleeful yet realistic. The apex of spring is still only near–it hasn't yet arrived. And though the life within the city is enticing, I have not engaged with this spring season often, as throughout the past two weeks, much of my time has been spent in Edinburgh and Bordeaux–two cities at opposite ends of European cultures. Scotland–that was more my kind of place.