Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Apex of Spring:

Amsterdam is gorgeous these days; everything is blooming, has bloomed, or may still yet bloom, as the city morphs itself into summer. The leaves hanging from the trees that line the city's canals are luscious in all of their mossy-colored splendor. Having travelled often already throughout this evenly-numbered year, I had planned to stay put, humbly satisfied in Amsterdam for the remainder of it. Yet, here I go: off to Oslo, Norway, for another weekend away. This is very exciting. And, unlike my last visit to that fine, nature-saturated, and very expensive city; this time I plan to bring a coat–even though there is supposed to be beautifully warm weather, all weekend long. Lucky am I to know that a lovely, tale-end-of-spring Amsterdam will be waiting for me, upon my return. But for now, Scandinavia please sweep me away.