Friday, June 13, 2014

Alongside Alexanderkade:

The city of Amsterdam harbors a multitude of facets, and the connotations that each of its visitors and residents bring toward it, all vary tremendously. What each looks for within the city, they will indeed find: marijuana, alcohol, and prostitutes are all freely abound, as are delightful canal-side cafés, dark and dingy bars tucked away in tiny allies, lovely restaurants, stunning museums, alongside parks and palaces, all of which are inhabited by a multitude of constantly shuffling people. Kaleidoscopic in its offerings, the city really does have something of everything–a bit like Manhattan, but smaller. And so it would seem that the idea of Amsterdam, means something different, to everyone. This city presents to me, a treasure trove of places and spaces; yet it's only for a few months of the year that one of my favorite aspects of it, truly comes alive: sitting alongside any one of its oh-so-enticing canals, with my feet dangling over the edge, while watching the world pass by.