Friday, June 27, 2014

Before It's Gone:

The older I become, the more connected I realize that I truly am: to both the Earth as well as to others. Over the past week, many events have happened within my life that have enabled me to 'touch' those untouched by me before; those who I had not previously connected with. New people keep piling into my life, and I like new people; they are my 'weak ties': friends of friends, and their friends. The new needs friends. This packet of people, is full of my people; they are my future. I have not been able to see around the corners of my life–metaphorically speaking, here–for some time now. In fact, I've never been able to see what's just around the corner. But I've always known what I would like to see around corners–quite clearly, too. This morning I had breakfast with Amanda; an always welcomed affair. She made me realize that I am, indeed, pushing my life into the direction I would like to go, toward who I think I'd like to be next… Except I've had copious amounts of time to think my current life situation through, so it's no longer a matter of thinking who I would like to be next–I'm certain of my future shape. Molding myself into that shape will be an elongated process, and luckily the Rijksmuseum has so readily offered to facilitate this process, so far. Rather than looking toward the future, I'm enjoying the right now. And the arrival of summer. As Dominique Browning so often reminds me, with a sentence from her memoir, that I often recite to myself whenever my mind begins to stray: '…it's about knowing what you've got, before it's gone.'