Tuesday, August 5, 2014

'We imagine our own lives into the pictures':

'Sometimes I’ll see something in a photograph that unexpectedly takes my breath away. The corner of a sunny conservatory filled with flowers, snow piled up outside against the windowpanes, the light dancing and glittering. Or an armchair in front of the dying embers, a large round table nearby, gleaming with fresh wax, piled high with books, whiskeys, flowers, candles. It isn’t just the things in the picture. It isn’t about buying. Many of us have enough—more than enough stuff. There is always the restless questioning—is it the right stuff? But that’s only because we’re looking for something else. The pictures give us a clue to what we want. We imagine our own lives into the pictures. Part of the magic of decorating is the chance to reinvent the way we live. Part of the magic of photographs is that they give us a free trial. They stand still, welcome us in, give us a chance to try on a room, and leave as quickly as we want.'

Dominique Browning, House & Garden, June 2004