Saturday, December 6, 2014

Heading Down Damrak:

Damrak is the city's welcoming mat–or red carpet, however you prefer to perceive it–for those arriving by train (and most often, too, by plane). Like the city's train station–it has been under construction for quite a few years now. Because of that, it has been an absolute mess; not the most spectacular of greetings with which to welcome the city's visitors. That is, until recently. Over the past few months, Damrak has been completely repaved, remodelled, and refit with new lighting new cycle paths, new pavements, and most importantly–new life. The city's new, currently under construction North-South metro line will open in just two years; Damrak is only the beginning of a slow trickle of surface oriented revisions to the city. This trickle will soon flow faster, as the Centraal Station marches forward toward its completion. After years of subterranean construction below Damrak, the street–which is the city's welcoming mat–is now landscaped, manicured, and complete.