Thursday, March 26, 2015

Free Thinking:

One of the most beautiful things about my studies is that, indeed, as have changed my values, so have shifted my main heroes–my heroes of the moment, so to speak, most of which will stay with me forever, their influences being so strong. They’re all museum directors, or curators, painters from the past, or people who work in museums, or at universities, as well as all of the writers of the essays and books on art I’ve been reading throughout the past year. I’ve been voraciously reading such good writing lately, and much of it on art history. Some of my new heroes I’ve already met in person. And some remain across oceans, span generations, and others, I will never be able to meet, as they’re now silent, having passed centuries ago. I’m really grateful to be studying again; it feels wondrous to be in a classroom again; there, everyone is free, to free-form think; it’s encouraged, and no answer is ever wrong.