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Along Plantage Middenlaan:

Plantage Middelaan is one of this city's most delightful, and often monumental, thoroughfares; at its southeastern edge is the Muiderpoort, then the Muiderpoortbrug, and then the Tropenmuseum. Its boulevardesque atmosphere quickly dissipates at its northwestern edge, which has, just these past few weeks, undergone the most dramatic of transformations; grass is now to be found between the tram tracks of the stretch that winds its way through Wertheim Park; no cars–bicycles only, please.

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Summer in the City:

Since March, I've been flying throughout Europe, and to the USA, twice, in search of Frans Hals' fluid brushstrokes, for my thesis on his six family portraits, and connoisseurship. I've been to Madrid, London (twice!), Brussels, Cincinnati and Toledo, Ohio, and Poznan, Poland. Today, I emerged from a month of a self-imposed writing exile–I floated between my computer screen and balcony, mixed in with books, articles, and paintings, and a few trips to the Mauritshuis, in The Hague, and to the Rijksmuseum, in Amsterdam, just around the corner–to find the city, in an effervescence of blooms. The first of many boats have returned, to glide along the canals, now that they're enveloped by emerald-esque growth of mature trees.