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The Transcendence of Colored Pencils:

Here I sit, on my balcony, catching the early morning September sun rise; a slight chill hangs within the air around me; the sunlight beaming on my face. An internal calm has overcome me–nearly all aspects of my life that have involved responsibilities to others outside my immediate home, are complete. Only this month did I receive the final mark of my research on Frans Hals and all his fabulousness. Happy with the result; I am reveling in relaxation. It was important to me, to write something original for academia, before I go. I am now leaving something of value, behind. That is important to me. Yet I remind myself not everyday, perhaps, can entail such far-reaching life strides. Little things in life I’m amplifying: sunlight, trees, and buzzy-bees. So soothing, nurturing, enlivening is the sunlight which now streams down across my face. I’ve learned much about myself throughout the past year; namely that my mind’s hyper-activeness can be put to excellent use, daily, as well as more long-term; I can persevere, if needed, and if I believe in ‘it’. Yet I knew that about myself already–but that characteristic of mine was lost in translation, upon my move here. While drawing, with graphite and colored pencil, earlier this year, trying to deconstruct to recreate, to understand, the figures in Hals paintings; I suddenly felt the rush and surge of serotonin that comes with truly, wholeheartedly engaging myself with what I’m doing–and in the process, losing myself along the way. Losing, by releasing myself from the material world around me, to transcend, in this case, to the world of the white canvas, with only colored pencils and graphite with which to play. I’m learning to apply my enthusiasm for, colored pencils, as well as their many possibilities for colorful creations, to all other aspects of my life. As I casually stride toward the age of 30; I’m more secure with myself, and I’m more in-tuned as to what in the world makes me excited; this has confirmed a future, which recognizes my past; I’m aware of my capabilities, and limits. I’ve always seen the possibilities of colored pencils' colors; I'm intuitively making use of my colored pencils, and their infinite color combinations.

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