Monday, October 26, 2015

Coming Back Home to Amsterdam:

Amsterdam is morphing into autumn; hues of amber golden further each day, before giving way to shades of sensuous merlot. As the trees lose their leaves within the coming weeks, the number of visitors to the city will dwindle, leaving its rhythm much slower, and its streets much emptier. The city has seen me not, within the past few weeks–I have been in the USA. Coming back home to Amsterdam after a week of free refills, fluent English (and thus the fluent ability to interact in society, which is a status I have not yet achieved here in the Netherlands, due to the fluency of my Dutch), art museums, and outings with my brother, and my parents, mostly at my parents' house. I received more hugs from friends, family that I could have ever expected to come my way this late in the year. I was visiting the Midwest, to see paintings, and family, in no particular order. It is nice to be back and experience the seasonal transition in Amsterdam; it clicks further into autumn, toward a dark winter.