Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Sunday Morning Meta-View:

Sunday mornings in Amsterdam; they are some of my favorite events each month. The city is divulging itself of all its finer greenery; it's these days mostly maroon or a deep-hued amber, golden. Days draw to a close earlier; the sun sets quicker; the sunlight visible until late afternoon. School is once again in full swing, after a subtle beginning that entailed only a lecture here and there, alongside the occasional dose of reading. The environments that I am placing myself in, and the new faces and minds that I’ve surrounded myself with over these past two months are refreshing, stimulating. Unlike last year, when during my studies I would concentrate or dwell on on non-pertinent matters, I’m now better able to properly expend energy here and there, to make sure needed tasks become completed. Since there are so many other ‘roads’ to travel down, especially when reading, than taking that which leads to the assignment’s end, I then often found myself enjoying reading some portions of literature a bit too much; and if so, then often taking more notes than needed. Yet this year, still giddy at being a student, I’ve prioritized and revised my approach to ‘class’ time, completing its goals first and foremost, while also allowing my mind to wander along the way–after all, I am studying for a reason, and that reason is to refine, massage, and sculpt my mind. Indeed that process has been occurring for year and a half, and will continue the same time, too. Hyper aware of the coming wave of written work I’m to create, I’m letting myself fall into the flow of the coming weeks and months; feeling its rhythm and steadily going forward along with my tasks, aware of how much and where I should expend my thoughts, my time. I am indeed looking forward to having my many open tasks completed, all to conclude before the end of this year; yet I am also–due to many recent insights–highly anticipating each day until then, and never in the process wishing any day away, hoping it were well over before it even began, by mid-morning. This meta-view on the framework of my life has allowed me to enjoy the right now more, without leaning forward, or backward.