Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Wrinkles in Hands:

As I grow older, the more wrinkles in my hands appear, each time I look down at my computer. While spending time with my brother this past October, whose hands I realized, look much older than my own, despite his age, told me I thought about things such as wrinkles emerging in my hands, a bit too much. That is very much true. But perhaps what I meant to say to my brother, was that I’ve so far learned that some people age you, while other people draw out the best in you; when their energy combines with your own, fireworks occur. And the best in both emerges–or at least the best of both, or all of a group, is able to emerge. It actually is about human energy, and the transfer of it. Some relationships allows allow us to become that which we which to become, as more fashionable, more desirable, more elusive or charming. More is key. Though what we really want, is to be accepted; to spend time with one’s self is both a way of reflecting, but also protecting while removing one’s self from external energy. As I grow older, I am more aware of what I say, and how I say it, and to whom I say what I say. I am appreciative and polite, and, as I have learned, imposing. But I’m only imposing to those whose own insecurity keeps them from connecting. And because I know that, I’m learning where to invest my time, and where not. Because of seeing my life so clearly for what it is, yet more importantly, what it may possibly one day be, or become, it is also quite rewarding in thought.