Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Intoxicating World of Menno Kroon:

As I wrote three years ago, tucked away in Amsterdam Oud-Zuid, just south of Museumplein–and at that time just before the Rijksmuseum had reopened; entering Menno Kroon's intoxicating flower shop is an otherworldly experience that instantly transports the senses and soul to another dimension. There again today after nearly three years away (note to self; visit more often), a familiar face greeted me upon arrival, and artfully arranged the flowers that I had requested. While in preparation I idled my time amongst the blooms, vases, candles, and sumptuous scents that filled the shop, and my nose, with a delight that remains with me at this moment. Menno Kroon's shop; a seemingly infinite sensational delight I must more often experience.