Saturday, May 21, 2016

Picnicking on a Bridge in the Jordaan:

The other day while sitting along the edge of a canal, in the Jordaan, three people that lived in a corner house, adjacent to a bridge, over the little trafficked, tiny canal, pulled out three chairs from their house, to the street. They sat them on the bridge, where they would shortly be used for a wine along with a picnic. Back inside their adorable house; I snapped an image of their setting, on the bridge, without them. That’s one of the most enjoyable aspects of the city of Amsterdam: if you look closely (with a zoom lens), there is so much to see; blink once, and often times, that same situation–as these three empty chairs, above a canal in the Jordaan–will then be gone. Savor moments that seem not to matter in the moment; they often, often upon reflection, are some of the moments in life, which seem to matter the most. When I pointed my lens back to bridge seconds later, the three chairs were occupied. It's the ephemeral moments in Amsterdam, that often leave me, beautifully breathless.